Made in Graphic Adertising Agency London
Çamlıca TV Tower
Countdown for the most prestigious project in Istanbul!

 Çamlıca Tower is located at Çamlica Hill, which is one of the most popular places in Istanbul that offers visitors an amazing view of Bosphorus. The tower is also at the highest point above sea level in Istanbul. The total height of the tower is 365m. with its top standing thus, visitors will be able to see all parts of Istanbul from viewing terraces which are located at the top of the tower. This tower expected to be symbol of Istanbul, is preparing to present a visual light feast with HERA's products &lighting design. The project, consisting of 65,000 pixels with specially designed RGBW fixtures to be used in accordance with the structure of the building, will crown this unique tower.In addition to our manufacturer identity, we will meticulously make all installation of all the stages of this prestigious project by our own installation team. All products have ‘’Advanced RDM Monitoring’’ feature which enables monitoring remotely and will be able to give information about products and respond in case of failure."Advanced RDM Monitoring" technology includes exclusive specifications; such as Voltage Monitoring (Input Voltage, MCU Voltage), Temperature Monitoring (PCB, Regulator Temperatures), Status Monitoring, Power Cycle Monitoring, and Lumen-Maintenance Life Monitoring.

We are proud to be involved in the most prestigious project in Istanbul recently!


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