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Batumi Stadium
Hera LED’s architectural lighting crafted the exterior of the Georgia Batumi stadium.


Project Name: Batumi Stadium
Category: Architectural Lighting
Architect: Bahadır Kul
Lighting Designer: Hera LED Design Team
Location: Batumi / Georgia
Date: 2020
Installer: New Light


Batumi Stadium, Georgia's most prestigious project in recent years, is built on 87 acres of land, with 30,000 m2 of indoor space with a capacity for 20,000 spectators. It was constructed entirely in accordance with the requirements of the UEFA - IV category.

The unique architectural exterior structure of the stadium and the creation of the lighting projects were inspired by Georgian culture and folk dances. Hera LED complements these unique features by using dynamic lighting applications that have the capacity to create hundreds of animations.

Hera LED and their global project partner SYLVANIA cooperated in the Batumi Stadium architectural facade lighting. 4000 meters of HERA-SWORD RGB products were used in the dynamic lighting project, creating harmony with the exterior structure of Batumi Stadium, which symbolizes the swirl movements common in Georgian folk dances.

As with all HERA products, the SWORD series are DMX512 and RDM compatible and manufactured fully in compliance with World Standards. In the Batumi Stadium project, SWORD RGB products were programmed as 6 LEDs 1 pixel by using “DMX Personality” feature to achieve optimum view and applying “addressing” accordingly. SWORD RGB products were placed with mounting feet specifically designed in accordance with the structure of the facade.

Hundreds of animations, using MADRIX Luna 16 and Luna 4 - DMX512 interface data devices and MADRIX 5 Ultimate Key software, can be created in this system.  For this specific project, 80 scenarios were created using various colour effects, at the request of the project consultants. 


SWORD RGB Radius Diffused 4000 meters
Madrix Luna 16 13 pcs.
Madrix Luna 4 1 pcs.
Madrix 5 Ultimate Key Software 1 pcs.