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The MADRIX Software is the ultimate control tool for LED lighting. Use pixel mapping at its best in 2D or 3D. MADRIX is a software, and so much more. It is a tool for generative content and premier LED lighting controller since 2005. It is a quality piece of engineering made in Germany. It makes stunning LED lighting designs possible.

Ultimate Control
From the smallest projects to the biggest ones – get the best out of your LEDs. MADRIX can produce a complete LED light show from a normal computer or laptop. Still, it can drive tens of thousands of LEDs without problems. This powerful software will not only allow you to control nearly any 2D LED display in every possible way, but real 3D LED applications as well. This makes it the ideal solution for your LED project.

Ultimate Flexibility
Bring your LED design to life with beautiful colors, stunning visuals, and spectacular effects. MADRIX adapts to your needs. Use it as LED lighting controller, VJ software, 2D pixel mapper, 3D voxel mapper, media server, or media creator. This software is easy to use with a VJ-like operation, 2 decks and a crossfader, plus 3 real-time previews to show your effects in advance.

2D Pixel Mapping
MADRIX makes it possible to control numerous LED fixtures; also of different kinds. Position them according to your needs in nearly any form or shape. Map pixel by pixel and achieve pixel-perfect results, even with the lowest of pixel resolutions. The result are crisp and sharp visuals on your LEDs.

3D Voxel Mapping In X, Y, And Z
The MADRIX Software provides a leading-edge feature set to fully control real 3D LED matrices. MADRIX supports volume rendering (voxel mapping). This approach is fundamentally different to the 3D projections or the physical layout of 2D surface areas that are widely known nowadays. It makes state-of- the-art installations a reality.

Combine 2D And 3D
Combine any 2D project with 3D elements in order to create even more spectacular attractions for your audience, customers, and clients. MADRIX is a powerful tool that will help you realize the projects you want to build. Mapping LEDs is fast, creative, and fun. MADRIX certainly takes any LED display to the next level.

You Can Serve Media
Use the media server features and conveniently load and play back images, pictures, and videos. Or use live video signal capturing, screen capturing, scrolling text (ticker), and more. But what if you are not using a video screen at all? Videos are great media for rectangular screens, but the possibilities are quickly exhausted for creative 2D LED setups or 3D.

But Often, Video Is Not Enough
The MADRIX Software is an effect generator with media server features and outstanding capabilities to display unique real-time effects on your LEDs. This is the main advantage. Endless stunning and fully customizable visuals are created live for you with the built-in graphics engine and rendering engine. From simple colors to sophisticated visuals – all is possible.

Audio-Reactive Visuals
MADRIX features a state-of-the-art audio analysis. It can process any live audio signal and create stunning real-time lighting visuals. These live effects will create a light show that runs in sync with your music. And thanks to the integrated effects generator, you can also create many lighting patterns without audio input. On top, you will find an unprecedented level of customization available for all visuals.

Ultimate Creativity
Creating stunning light effects has never been easier. Use video-like visuals without the need for videos. Creating videos specifically for a project can be time-consuming, costly, and unpractical. Let the software produce stunning effects, visuals, and animations for you. And you can always customize everything, such as speed, color, shape, direction, size, movement, position, brightness, and much more.

MADRIX Effects
Choose from 5 different effect categories and over 55 built-in effects. SCE Effects do not require any sound and make up the most diverse set of patterns and effects. S2L, short for Sound2Light, brings your audio input to life. M2L, short for Music2Light, takes audio-based effects to an even deeper level. MAS allows you to create effects from scratch with the help of the advanced MADRIX scripting language. TRI, short for Trigger, adds a whole new level of interactivity as you can set off visuals with your manual input.

LED FixturesThe library already includes a large variety of fixture profiles. Use 1-channel, 2-channel, RGB, or RGBW fixtures, or any variant of these. Use the Fixture Editor for your own profiles. With MADRIX, it is easy to manage the wide range of fixtures, such as pars, tiles, tubes, tape, curtains, video screens, and more. Combine DMX-based and DVI-based LED products as needed, use different fixture types in the same setup, and control the whole installation or only parts of it. With MADRIX, you are in control.

Built-In Tools
In addition, the software includes a full range of helpful and productive tools. This includes the Fixture Editor, but also the Art-Net Time Code Sender. There is also the Logfile, Preview Benchmark, and MADRIX hardware updaters, as well as tools for restore and quick support. You can also use the DMX Fader Tool for single channel control or Task Watcher, MIDI Watcher, and DMX Watcher for performance and data monitoring.

Premium Quality
For us, it is very important to offer you the complete package. This does not only include a product that works and fits your needs, but also extensive user manuals, tutorials, a worldwide distribution network for great sales and design services, and world-class technical support. This also includes regular software updates with improvements as well as new features. MADRIX is most versatile and will help you to get the most out of modern LED technology.



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1,024 Channels 
2 Universes 
341 Voxels


4,096 Voxels 
64 x 64 Pixels


4,096 Channels 
8 Universes 
1,365 Voxels


16,384 Voxels 
128 x 128 Pixels


16,384 Channels 
32 Universes 
5,641 Voxels


262,144 Voxels 
512 x 512 Pixels



 65,536 Channels 
128 Universes 
21,845 Voxels


1,048,576 Voxels 
1,024 x 1,024 Pixels


262,144 Channels 
512 Universes 
87,381 Voxels


2,097,152 Voxels 
2,048 x 1,024 Pixels


1,048,576 Channels 
2,048 Universes 
349,525 Voxels


2,097,152 Voxels 
2,048 x 1,024 Pixels




















IA-SW-005001 MADRIX® 5 KEY start Includes 1x MADRIX® KEY and 1x MADRIX® 5 License start.
IA-SW-005002 MADRIX® 5 KEY entry Includes 1x MADRIX® KEY and 1x MADRIX® 5 License entry.
IA-SW-005003 MADRIX® 5 KEY basic Includes 1x MADRIX® KEY and 1x MADRIX® 5 License basic.
IA-SW-005004 MADRIX® 5 KEY professional Includes 1x MADRIX® KEY and 1x MADRIX® 5 License professional.
IA-SW-005005 MADRIX® 5 KEY ultimate Includes 1x MADRIX® KEY and 1x MADRIX® 5 License ultimate.
IA-SW-005006 MADRIX® 5 KEY maximum Includes 1x MADRIX® KEY and 1x MADRIX® 5 License maximum.

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