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The MADRIX PLEXUS controls up to 2 universes via DMX512 or Art-Net as a versatile stand-alone interface or live controller. It is the first and only interface to offer stand-alone playback of MADRIX light shows and effects.

Live Mode 
Fully control 1024 DMX channels via MADRIX Software and use 2x DMX-OUT, 2x DMX-IN, 1x DMX-OUT and 1x DMX-IN, or Art-Net. The USB or the Ethernet connection can be used for live mode.

Stand-Alone Mode 
The built-in slot for SD or SDHC cards allows to run sophisticated light shows without the need for a computer. A MADRIX PC is only required to preprogram the shows.

Master-Slave Synchronization & Scalability 
Simply connect multiple devices at the same time. A master interface can be set up to synchronize the LED installation across all DMX universes.

MADRIX Software Integration 
The PLEXUS hardware and the MADRIX Software form a unique bundle. This powerful combination works directly out of the box.

Extension Port 
The versatile 15-pin serial port offers enhanced connectivity towards external analog or digital devices and therefore maximum flexibility.

Event Scheduler 
Easily run automatic scenes off the SD card with the help of the internal clock and time-controlled shows.

Quality Design 
The precision aluminum enclosure, NEUTRIK plugs, and other excellent components ensure High Availability and reliability.

Innovative Handling 
The large backlit 3″ LCD graphics display and 5 accessible control buttons make it really easy to manage and set up the device.

USB 2.0 Standard 
Support of the USB 2.0 standard provides professional features such as Power over USB, Hot Swapping, and Plug and Play.

Kensington Security Slot 
Secure each MADRIX PLEXUS using the standard of portable security.

New Major Features Since Product Launch
Sunrise and Sunset Timers:
Added Location (Geo Coordinates) to automatically calculate sunrise and sunset timers as an option for time-controlled shows.
New language options:
Added German and Spanish as additional menu language of the device.
Remote Control:
Various options to directly control the device remotely via DMX-IN or Art-Net.

Universal Control
MADRIX PLEXUS is one of the smartest solutions to control your LEDs. This App let's you conveniently control the PLEXUS remotely. It was never easier to trigger Scenes or to change the Brightness or Speed of your lighting. And even if you turn off your Apple device, the light show continues just as you would expect. It is that simple.

2-Step Configuration 
Call up the Settings of your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad. 

First, enable Wi-Fi. 
Second, go to General and search for the MADRIX PLEXUS Remote App. Now all you need is to type in the IP address of your MADRIX PLEXUS.

Connect To Your Wi-Fi
Simply connect the MADRIX PLEXUS to your Wi-Fi network. Connect your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad to the same Wi-Fi and you will be able to control the unit remotely.

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Ordering Information

IA-HW-001005 MADRIX® PLEXUS (Incl. MADRIX® 3 Software License) Art-Net Node / USB 2.0 DMX512 Interface, Live/Stand-alone, 2x DMX-IN/OUT

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