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X-CC4 Constant Current Led Driver

X-CC4 DMX / RDM (4 Ch. Constant Current) LED Driver is used to control the operation of power LEDs at 350mA or 700mA constant current and this feature can be selected through RDM. X-CC4 has 4 channel-output. 4ch or 3Ch is selectable through DMX Personality.
1 ~ 12 power LEDs can be connected to the X-CC4 output. Due to flicker free PWM feature, there is no tremor in video shooting, which makes it confidently used in the publishing industry. The output on X-CV4 features an “RGBW indicator LED” that displays the light color. 

• X-CC4 DMX/RDM LED Driver provides compatible communication with other fixtures using standard DMX512 and RDM protocols without requiring any other special communication protocol or production ID. They are remotely addressable in group via RDM protocol. This feature allows for easy pixel mapping and addressing after all installations have been completed.

• Through RDM monitoring and software, it is possible to follow and determine: whether the fixtures are working properly, voltage input and output warnings, serial number and display of regional temperature values and DMX address. The user is informed by e-mail according to incoming data, thus automatic interventions are possible based on received data.

• Voltage input in the 9V~ 48V range can be applied to the X-CC4 device and controlled through PWM between 0-255 per channel.

• X-CC4 DMX/RDM LED Driver works through Madrix® software and hardware in coordination. Pixel mapping can be made easily by selecting fixtures in Madrix® library.

• Easy fixation to the surface with wall mounting holes.

• Extruded aluminium body.

• X-CC4 DMX/RDM LED Driver is produced in RAL9005-black color as standard and is also available in different colors in RAL code upon request. The device has black iron screws.

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