Made in Graphic Adertising Agency London
  • IP20
  • IP65
  • IP66
  • IP67

Sword 100x1 RGB Series

Sword® 100x1 Series consist of four models such as  30-50-100-150cm. 30cm 3 pixel 9 Channel, 50cm 5 Pixel 15 Channel, 100cm 10 Pixel 30 Channel, 150cm 15 Pixel 45 Channel. Pixel pitch is 100 mm. Each pixel consists of 1 led. It has direct view or opaque dome model. It is in IP67 protection class. It offers customizable solutions pixel mapping with DMX 512 protocol. It can be addressed in batch with RDM protocol. It has been designed to be used in the facade, building and stage illumination. It operates with 48V voltage and applicable without voltage loss. Product assembly apparatus is made from aluminum injection. It operates under challenging weather conditions. It has high vibration resistance. It is easily demountable. It can be connected with IP68 screwed type connectors.

• Flexible applicability with 30-50-100-150cm sizes
• Direct viewing or opaque dome option
• Addressing with Remote Device Management Protocol
• Perfect viewing without pixel gap or shade in the connection points
• Safe use in interior and external environment with IP67 protection
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Ordering Information

P22074085   Sword® 100x1-RGB 30cm Direct View 9Ch. 3 Pixel
P22075085   Sword® 100x1-RGB 50cm Direct View 15Ch. 5 Pixel
P22076085   Sword® 100x1-RGB 100cm Direct View 30Ch. 10 Pixel
P22077085   Sword® 100x1-RGB 150cm Direct View 45Ch. 15 Pixel

P22082085   Sword® 100x1-RGB 30cm Dome 9Ch. 3 Pixel
P22083085   Sword® 100x1-RGB 50cm Dome 15Ch. 5 Pixel
P22084085   Sword® 100x1-RGB 100cm Dome 30Ch. 10 Pixel
P22085085   Sword® 100x1-RGB 150cm Dome 45Ch. 15 Pixel

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