Made in Graphic Adertising Agency London
  • IP20
  • IP65
  • IP66
  • IP67

Power Pack 2500

Hera Power Pack® 2500; consists of 8x320Watt power supply unit. DMX signal has been transformed into single connector with power units and exits as 5 Pin Push-Lock. It has 90~264VAC 5060Hz Universal operating voltage and 8x320 Watt power. It has active PFC. It has standard 19inc 3U Rack type. It is manufactured at two different types as 24V and 48V. It has been shaped from plate, having aluminum body. It is produced RAL9004 black as a standard.


•  Legendary solution in long distance DMX transmission

•  DMX input and output with standard Neutrik® DMX connectors

•  Ac Power input Neutrik® PowerCon® (NAC 3MPA)

•  Power output with 5 Pin Push-Lock connectors

•  It is cooled down with built in fan

•  Safe use in interior spaces with IP20 protection

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Ordering Information

P22003    Power Pack® 2500-48 8x320W Power Supply
P22011    Power Pack® 2500-24 8x320W Power Supply

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