Made in Graphic Adertising Agency London
  • IP20
  • IP65
  • IP66
  • IP67

X-CV3® Constant Voltage

Hera X-CV3® operates with Constant Voltage 6-36 VDC tension. 3x6A (+RGB) transferred as outlet. It offers customizable solutions pixel mapping with DMX 512 protocol. It can be addressed in batch with RDM Protocol. It has been designed to be used in the facade, building and stage illumination. It is produced RAL9004 black as a standard.

• High Productivity and long life span

• Long distance applicability between DMX communication and pixel range

• Addressing with Remote Device Management Protocol

• Maximum 32 devices per line

• Safe use in interior environment with IP20 protection

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 P22008     X-CV3®-Constant Voltage Led Driver 3x6A 


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