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  • IP20
  • IP65
  • IP66
  • IP67


PD60 RGB Series ensures optimum illumination and excellent colour harmony with sturdy outdoor-rated structure, high brightness, wide color range, customization options specifically in large-scale surfaces or high-rise  structures where pixel pitch lengths are required with a considerable distance. Extraordinary effects can be created with large fixtures without the limitation of size, shape and distance limit. Connectors are located on the rear in the PD60 RGB version and on the side surfaces in the PD60S RGB version. The dome version with opaque lid is used in many different designs. The fixture has 18LEDs and it can be seen from long distance. PD60 RGB series is widely used in large-scale projects in terms of producing dot-pixel solutions with direct view for media façade and specialized lighting applications.

• PD60 RGB provides compatible communication with other fixtures using standard DMX512 and RDM protocols without requiring any other special communication protocol or production ID. They are remotely addressable in group via RDM protocol. This feature allows for easy pixel mapping and addressing after all installations have been completed. 

• PD60 RGB fixtures enable flexible application using very long starter and jumper cables, since they operate in a 12-48V DC voltage range.

• Through RDM monitoring and software, it is possible to follow and determine whether the fixtures are working properly; by displaying voltage input and output warnings, serial number, display of regional temperature values and DMX address. The user is informed by e-mail according to incoming data thus, automatic interventions are possible based on received data.

• PD60 RGB fixtures work through Madrix® software and hardware in coordination. Pixel mapping can be made easily by selecting fixtures in Madrix® library.

• Direct View and Dome options are available. Connectors are located on the rear in the PD60 RGB version, and on the side surfaces in the PD60S RGB version. Transparent and opaque caps are resistant to UV and impact and never turn yellow during their lifetime due to the alloyed PMMA and PC structure.

• PD60 RGB fixture is in IP67 protection class and it is designed to meet challenging requirements of exterior facade applications with its robust and durable structure. PD60 RGB is resistant to impact, vibration and other harsh conditions due to aluminum housing and special filler material.

• PD60 RGB fixture provides power and data transmission via input and output connectors. IP67 connectors are in push-lock structure and can be easily dismantled and assembled. There is no need to use extra junction-box via input and output.

• PD60 RGB Series is produced in RAL9005-black color as standard, and it is also available in different colors in RAL code upon request.

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P01003085 PD60-RGB 3Ch. DMX Direct View Pixel Dot
P01004085 PD60S-RGB 3Ch. DMX Direct View Pixel Dot
P01005085 PD60-RGB 3Ch. DMX Dome Pixel Dot
P01009085 PD60S-RGB 3Ch. DMX Dome Pixel Dot

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