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PD60 Dynamic White

PD60 DW Series is used in industrial application where high brightness, broad color scale, customization and very long pixel pitch distances are needed with excellent color consistency. Splendid effects can be animated with large fixtures without limitation of geometry, shape and range. Any animation can be animated in desired color temperature with 2700K and 6500K LEDs. PD60 connectors’ are on back side, PD60S DW connectors’ are on side face. Opaque covered dome models are mostly used in extraordinary designs. It can be seen from long distances owe to its 54 LEDs per pixel. This product presents direct view and spotlighting solutions for media facades lighting, bridges, stadiums and major projects.

It includes LEDs that have configurable white light options to find right lighting temperatures. Product is suitable for animations can be made in intended warm or cool color by using 2700K and 6500K LEDs.

It communicates with other fixtures by standard DMX 512 and RDM protocols without requirements of any special communication protocols or production identity. It can be addressed remotely as a group. By courtesy of this feature pixel mapping and addressing are easier.

It can be used with very long starting cables and jumper cables for flexible and easy application due to its 12-48 VDC working voltage range.  

Working status of fixtures, local temperature values voltage input and output, serial number and DMX address can be monitored. User is informed by mail and system can response automatically according to data.

Fixtures work compatibly with Madrix® software and hardware. You can choose fixtures in library in order to have easy pixel mapping.

There are Direct View and Dome options. PD60 DW connectors’ are on back side, PD60S DW connectors’ are on side face. Transparent and opaque covers are resistant to UV light and impact. Due to its PMMA and PC materials, it will not go yellow. 

Fixtures are designed for harsh outdoor condition and resistant against vibration, impact and thermal shock owe to their solid aluminum structures, special filling material and IP67 class protection markings.

Power and data are transmitted by input and output connectors. IP68 connectors can be installed easily by rotating. Interspaces between fixtures are enough. Therefore additional junction boxes are not needed.

Fixtures are produced in RAL9005 black color but according to customers’ demand fixture can be painted to different RAL colors.

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