Procolor®AC 10SC
  • Procolor®AC 10SC
  • Procolor®AC 10SC
  • Procolor®AC 10SC
  • IP20
  • IP65
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  • IP67

Procolor®AC 10SC

Procolor®AC 10SC Series is a single color-floodlight, powerful, outdoor rated with high lumen output and excellent color consistency. Procolor®AC 10SC floodlights are excellent solution for accent lighting, spot lighting, wall washing, façade lighting applications and widely used in illuminating historical buildings, monuments, smaller structures in parks and other areas.

Procolor®AC 10SC consists of 7 High Power LEDs. LEDs can be in Red, Green, Blue, Amber, or in  2700K, 4000K, 6500K color temperatures. Procolor® AC 10SC Series has a sturdy die-cast aluminium body. It works at universal power input 90 ~ 264VAC to ensure connections over long distances. 

• Procolor®AC 10SC floodlights enable flexible application using very long starter and jumper cables, since they operate in 90 ~ 264VAC 50/60HZ universal voltage range. 

• Available in 4 different beam angles: 15° / 30° / 45°/ 60°

• The mounting apparatus, which can move on the fixture, is oriented and secured with a stable gear system at 6° angles, thus maintaining its position with a sturdy lock.

• IP67 class Procolor®AC 10SC floodlights, are designed to meet the challenging requirements of exterior applications with their robust and durable structure. It is resistant to shock, vibration and other harsh conditions through die-cast aluminium body and tempered glass cover.

• Procolor®AC 10SC Series is produced in RAL9005-black color as standard, and is also available in different colors in RAL code upon request.

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