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Sword® RGB

Sword® RGB Series provide excellent lighting with its color consistency on media facades lighting, bridges, stadiums, creative scene lighting and special design lighting. It can be used for dynamic lighting where long and linear appearance is needed and give opportunity for special demands. It gives dynamic lighting solutions with its unlimited pixel options, advanced accessories and easy assembly.

It communicates with other fixtures by standard DMX 512 and RDM protocols without requirements of any special communication protocols or production identity. It can be addressed remotely as a group. By courtesy of this feature pixel mapping and addressing are easier. 

It can be used with very long starting cables and jumper cables for flexible and easy application due to its 12-48 VDC working voltage range.

Fixtures’ working characteristics may be changed with DMX Personality. By this means pixel number can be changed. Number of pixels may change in order to optimize for appearances and scenarios. For example it is possible that  1 LED can be chosen for 1 pixel for each 25mm, also 2 LEDs can be chosen for 1 pixel, 4 LEDs can be chosen 1 pixel, 8 LEDs can be chosen 1 pixel and so on.

Working status of fixtures, local temperature values, voltage input and output, serial number and DMX address can be monitored. User is informed by mail and system can response automatically according to data.

Fixtures work compatibly with Madrix® software and hardware. You can choose fixtures in library in order to have easy pixel mapping.

There are Direct View, Radius Diffused, Round Diffused, Flat Diffused options. Diffusers’ profiles are resistant to UV light and impact. Due to its PMMA and PC materials, it will not go yellow.

Fixtures can be installed next to each other and have no gap due to its special side cover design. It forms linear and continuous view.

Fixtures are produced 300mm, 600mm, 900mm, 1200mm, and 1500mm for long and different forms. It gives flexible installment advantage in limited area with moveable assembly parts on fixture.

For special scene design horizontal, vertical, parallel edge, triangle, square, diamond and hexagonal shapes can be formed. All required accessories are provided for Truss and scene applications. Installation is easier with pins that provide easy installation for rental companies.  

Fixtures are designed for harsh outdoor condition and resistant against vibration and impacts owe to their solid aluminum structures, special filling material and IP67 class protection markings.

Power and data are transmitted by input and output connectors. IP68 connectors can be installed easily by rotating. Interspaces between fixtures are enough. Therefore additional junction boxes are not needed.

Fixtures can easily integrate and camouflage on different facade linings owe to their thin section (30mm). Fixtures are produced in RAL9005 black color but according to customers’ demand fixture can be painted to different RAL colors.

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Ordering Information

P01058085 Sword® RGB 300mm Direct View
P01059085 Sword® RGB 600mm Direct View
P01060085 Sword® RGB 900mm Direct View
P01061085 Sword® RGB 1200mm Direct View
P01062085 Sword® RGB 1500mm Direct View

P01066085 Sword® RGB 300mm Radius Diffused
P01067085 Sword® RGB 600mm Radius Diffused
P01068085 Sword® RGB 900mm Radius Diffused
P01069085 Sword® RGB 1200mm Radius Diffused
P01070085 Sword® RGB 1500mm Radius Diffused

P01078085 Sword® RGB 300mm Round Diffused
P01079085 Sword® RGB 600mm Round Diffused
P01080085 Sword® RGB 900mm Round Diffused
P01081085 Sword® RGB 1200mm Round Diffused
P01082085 Sword® RGB 1500mm Round Diffused

P01094085 Sword® RGB 300mm Flat Diffused
P01095085 Sword® RGB 600mm Flat Diffused
P01096085 Sword® RGB 900mm Flat Diffused
P01097085 Sword® RGB 1200mm Flat Diffused
P01098085 Sword® RGB 1500mm Flat Diffused

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