Delphin Botanik Exclusive Hotel
Project Name: Delphin Botanik Exclusive Hotel
Category: Façade Lighting
Client: Cömertoğlu Otelcilik ve Tic. A.Ş
Architect: KRT Proje Tasarım Mimarlık Ltd. Şti.
Lighting Designer: Hera LED Design Team
Location: Alanya / Turkey
Date: 2015
Installer Hera LED Project Team


Delphin Botanik Exclusive Resort is a gateway to green and features all the colours of nature in harmony through Hera Led. Delphin Botany is a country where you can witness the dance of colours as the world transforms into nature and the sky during the day. If you want to open the door for this glittering world, it's time to meet Hera products.

Our products are used in this project:

HERA Ledstrip 30 RGB 4260 meters
HERA X-CV3  DMX Driver 655 pcs.
HERA PD 60 RGB Pixel Dot 360 pcs.
HERA Power Pack 320-48 Power Supply 12 pcs.
MADRIX Luna 4 8 pcs.
MADRIX KEY Professional 1 pcs.