Quattro Beach Spa & Resort
Referans Name: Quattro Beach Spa & Resort
Category: Architectural Lighting
Client: Doğan Construction
Architect: Misirlioglu Architect
Lighting Designer: Hera LED Design Team
Location: Alanya / Turkey
Date: 2013
Installer Hera LED Project Team


You will feel yourself as if you are in a palace. You will disappear in the presence of color, while resting your soul. Yes we are exactly talking about Quattro Beach Spa & Resort located in Alanya. When we designed the exterior lighting of Quattro Beach Spa & Resort, we planned to reveal the spectacular aspect of the glory and simplicity We accomplished what we had imagined, according to the feedback we have received. We brighten, you enjoy it…

Our products are used in this project:

HERA Proline 60 WW 168 pieces
HERA Proline 90 WW 110 pieces
HERA Procolor 10 WW 330 pieces
HERA Procolor 60 WW 138 pieces
HERA Ledstrip 30 WW 1328 pieces