Revolution Club
Project Name: Revolution Club
Category: Entertainment Lighting
Client: Bayazıd Zorlu
Lighting Designer: Hera LED Design Team
Location: Fethiye / Turkey
Date: 2013
Installer Hera LED Project Team


Revolution Night Club is one of the revolutionary projects. We reach a whole in show illumination with different Hera products in this club. Synchronization of music and light are competing with each other. It provides magnificent appearance.

Our products are used in this project:

HERA VT100 Plus 307 pcs.
HERA HT100 AC  128 pcs.
HERA PD20 Pixel Dot 3648 pcs.
HERA DTS-512 30 pcs.
MADRIX USB one 1 pcs.
MADRIX Luna 16 5 pcs.
MADRIX Key Professional 1 pcs.