Atatürk Cultural Center
Project Name: Atatürk Cultural Center
Category: Façade Lighting
Client: Manavgat Municipality
Lighting Designer: Hera LED Design Team
Location: Manavgat / Turkey
Date: 2014
Installer Hera LED Project Team


We implemented a project to give the impression of led display to the cultural center located in Manavgat, Antalya. Our goal was to reveal the quality of a project worthy of the name. We did it! For this, exactly 21 850 pieces of HERA PD20 Pixel Dot were used. Our products placed meticulously by our installation team on the facade were presented to the public of Manavgat. Beyond that, Manavgat has gained a cultural center that in accordance with Atatürk's names and principles with more colorful and attractive view.

Our products are used in this project:

HERA PD20 Pixel Dot 21850 pcs.
HERA DTS 512 DMX to SPI Converter 575 pcs.
MADRIX Luna 16 9 pcs.
MADRIX Key Ultimate 1 pcs.