Salon Lounge Air France - Roissy Charles de Gaulle
Referans Name: Salon Lounge Air France - Roissy Charles de Gaulle
Category: Architectural Lighting
Client: LedBox Company
Architect: Brandimage
Lighting Designer: TETRO and Superbien
Location: Paris / France
Date: 2017
Installer LedBox Company


Air France has just renovated its lounge located in Terminal 2E at Charles de Gaulle Airport (France) by HERA’s France Distributor LedBox Company. More than 3000 m2 of this space is designed by the agency Brandimage incorporates original and tailor-made works designed by agencies TETRO and Superbien. The Rotonde is immersed in effects of lights which has special products that are used in 3 dimensions that consist of more than 10,500 pixels spread over 191 Led. Discover it more with the images below or please contact LedBox to know more details.

Our products are used in this project:

HERA Vertical Tube 2500mm  191 meter
HERA Power Pack 1000-48 8 Outputs Power Supply 8 pieces
MADRIX Luna 16 4 pieces
MADRIX KEY Professional 1 pieces