Metropol Istanbul Shopping Mall


Project Name: Metropol Istanbul Shopping Mall
Category: Architectural Lighting
Lighting Designer: Hera LED Design Team
Location: Istanbul/ Turkey
Date: 2020
Installer: Hera LED Project Team


Hera LED has finalised a brand new lighting project in Istanbul. Metropol Istanbul is a huge contemporary multi-use complex with residences & an indoor-outdoor shopping mall. With over 800.00 m2 open area, 80.000 m2 rentable space, 250 shops, 330 m tower, 11.000 m2 park area and 5.000 m2 concert area, it is one of the biggest shopping malls in Istanbul and has LEED GOLD certificate (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design). Our team has designed concept chandeliers specific for this project and illuminated all entrances of the shopping mall with our vertical tube product line. With Madrix controllers and software, vivid animations came to life and the shopping mall has become a center of fun and attraction.

3D Vertical Tube Dynamic White 861 meters
Sword100x1 Dynamic White-Dome 300 pcs.
Custom Design DMX Dynamic White Chandelier 300 pcs.
Madrix Luna 8 8 pcs.
Madrix Luna 4 1 pcs.
Madrix Ultimate Key 1 pcs.