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Antalya Hotel


Project Name: Antalya Hotel
Category: Architectural Lighting
Lighting Designer: Hera LED Design Team
Location: Antalya / Turkey
Date: 2020
Installer:: Hera LED Installer Team



Located on the sea cliffs in the popular touristic city of Antalya in Turkey, this comfortable hotel reveals the fascinating beauties of the Mediterranean coasts at night, with its architectural facade lighting created by HERA LED.

The hotel’s facade niches are illuminated with HERA - PROCOLOR series. The roof and exterior of the hotel are highlighted with HERA - LED STRIPs. In addition, various dynamic animations were created with Hera - SWORD RGB series in the front part of the hotel's exterior, which have enriched the hotel's unique Mediterranean view.

SWORD RGB Direct View 1268 meters
ProcolorAC 10 WW 118 pcs.
ProcolorAC 60 RGBW 12 pcs.
Ledstrip Natural White 356 meters
Ledstrip RGB 155 meters
Madrix Luna 8 11 pcs.
Madrix Key Professional Software 1 pcs.