Stand-Alone Playback

Independently run the most sophisticated light shows from this energy-efficient playback unit via Art-Net or Streaming ACN. Easily control up to 8 or 32 universes per device. 

Central Hub

Simply connect compatible MADRIX® hardware interfaces or third-party nodes to provide the correct output for your lighting fixtures. 

Master-Slave Synchronization & Scalability

Manage large projects simply by connecting several units. The entire group is automatically synchronized across all DMX universes for flawless and uninterrupted playback. 

Live Control

Encased in a non-conductive design for DIN rails or wall mounting, 8 on-device buttons allow for quick playback and recording control. You can also directly adjust the overall speed and brightness.

Live Recording

Record any Art-Net or Streaming ACN network stream onto the inserted memory card. Unlike any other solution, recording a beautiful light show with MADRIX® 5 is as easy as pressing record and play.

Time-Controlled Shows

Run scenes automatically with the help of the internal clock as well as the available sunrise and sunset timers. 

Web Configuration

Use the built-in web configuration page to access and change specific device settings, such as the important IP address, subnet mask, playlist settings, and much more.

Remote Control

Trigger MADRIX® AURA via HTTP commands and the built-in web server or use Art-Net/sACN. You can even add MADRIX® ORION for interactive installations.

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Ordering Information

IA-HW-001025 MADRIX® AURA 8  Stand-Alone Recorder/Player, 8 Universes Over Network, DIN Rail

IA-HW-001026 MADRIX® AURA 32 Stand-Alone Recorder/Player, 32 Universes Over Network, DIN Rail

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