Power Pack 320

Power Pack 320 Series is produced in a unified box type to prevent complex combinations of power and data cables and ensure an easy assembly structure. All Hera products operating at 48V are fed from Power Pack 320 Series. In Power Pack 320 Series, you can see which color light is on the output through the indicator light on the front panel. Power Pack 320 Series sends a DMX signal to the output using “Test” mode. This allows you to setup easily without the need for auxiliary devices such as PC, DMX Universe, pixel mapping, etc. Power Pack 320 Series has LEDs that indicate whether the energy and DMX signal are arriving. You can see which port has DMX output and which port has voltage output. When the fuse fails, it can be seen in the LED indicators, which channel has the problem. The device operates in Test/Data mode when you press and hold the “Mode” button for 3 seconds. In “Test” mode, the device provides test data to all ports in RGBW combinations with each push of the button. In “Data” mode, it transmits the data from inputs to outputs. It does not harm the DMX universe due to the relays contained in it. When you press “Light off” button, it turns off all indicator lights on the device and the device continues to output from all ports. This feature is used in applications where the lights on the device are not desired to be seen.

• The device has 90 ~ 264VAC 50/60HZ universal input. 

• In Power Pack 320, AC inputs are provided with 3-Pin VDE connector. 

• Power Pack 320 Series provides output Power Pack 320 > 160W for each port.

• Power Pack 320 provides output > 2 x Mirrored with 2+4 Pin IP67 connector.

• All DMX inputs are provided with Neutrik® 5 Pin XLR connectors. 

• The device has protection against short circuit, overload, over voltage, over temperature.

• Device Status, Power Output Status, Fuse Fail Status, Data Output Status, Data Off Status, Device Test Output Status indicators allow you to observe the device from outside.

• Power Pack 320 is able to be installed as wall mount or via DIN Rail apparatus for panel applications.

• Power Pack 320 Series has Aluminium Sheet Metal body with powder finishing.

• Power Pack 320 Series is produced in RAL9005-black color as standard and also in different colors in RAL code upon request. The device has black iron screws.

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