Sword® RGBW
  • IP67

Sword® RGBW Series, provides optimum illumination with excellent colour harmony for media facade lighting, bridges, stadiums, creative stage lighting, and specialized lighting design. With RGB + smart white algorithms, the 3-channel system controls 4 colors per pixel. This feature provides white color in better quality, thereby improves the display brightness and efficiency. Sword® RGBW fixture provides a dynamic lighting solution with unlimited pixel options, advanced accessory alternatives and easy assembly structures.

• Sword® RGBW can be used in 4 channels through DMX Personality. The 3-channel system can control 4 colors per pixel through RGB + smart white algorithms. All customization options can be chosen remotely through DMX512 protocol.

• Sword® RGBW provides compatible communication with other fixtures using standard DMX512 and RDM protocols without requiring any other special communication protocol or production ID. They are remotely addressable in group via RDM protocol. This feature allows for easy pixel mapping and addressing after all installations have been completed.

• Sword® RGBW fixtures enable flexible application using very long starter and jumper cables, since they operate in a 48V DC voltage range.

• The operating characteristics of the fixtures are able to be changed with the DMX Personality, therefore it is possible to change the number of pixels of the products as well. The number of pixels of the fixtures can be changed to be optimized for appearance and scenario variations. For example, each LED in the 25mm range can be 1 pixel, or 2 LEDs, 4 LEDs or 8 LEDs as 1 pixel.

• Through RDM monitoring and software, it is possible to follow and determine: whether the fixtures are working properly, by displaying voltage input and output warnings, serial number, display of regional temperature values and DMX address. The user is informed by e-mail according to incoming data thus, automatic interventions are possible based on received data.

• Sword® RGBW fixtures work through Madrix® software and hardware in coordination. Pixel mapping can be made easily by selecting fixtures in Madrix® library.

• Direct View, Flat Diffused, Radius Diffused, Round Diffused options are available. Diffuser profiles are resistant to impacts and UV, and never turn yellow during their lifetime due to the alloyed PMMA and PC structure.

• Sword® RGBW creates a continuous linear appearance. Due to the special side-cover design, fixtures are mounted side-by-side and no shadows are formed between them.

• Available for different forms of applications in different lengths: 300mm, 600mm, 900mm, 1200mm, 1500mm. Sword® RGBW has extra flexible mounting feature for confined spaces, with mounting bracket that can move on the fixture.

• Sword® RGBW fixture is in IP67 protection class and it is designed to meet challenging requirements of exterior facade applications with its robust and durable structure. Sword® RGBW is resistant to impact, vibration and other harsh conditions due to aluminum housing and special filler material.

• Sword® RGBW provides power and data transmission via input and output connectors. IP67 connectors are in push-lock structure. They can be easily rotated and assembled, and leave sufficient gaps between the fixtures. There is no need to use extra junction-box via input and output.

• The slim profile (30mm) ensures to integrate and camouflage the different types of facade coatings easily. It is produced in RAL9005-black color as standard, and it is also available in different colors in RAL code upon request. 

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Ordering Information

P01058105 Sword® RGBW 300mm Direct View

P01059105 Sword® RGBW 600mm Direct View

P01060105 Sword® RGBW 900mm Direct View

P01061105 Sword® RGBW 1200mm Direct View

P01062105 Sword® RGBW 1500mm Direct View 

P01066105 Sword® RGBW 300mm Radius Diffused

P01067105 Sword® RGBW 600mm Radius Diffused

P01068105 Sword® RGBW 900mm Radius Diffused

P01069105 Sword® RGBW 1200mm Radius Diffused

P01070105 Sword® RGBW 1500mm Radius Diffused


P01078105 Sword® RGBW 300mm Round Diffused

P01079105 Sword® RGBW 600mm Round Diffused

P01080105 Sword® RGBW 900mm Round Diffused

P01081105 Sword® RGBW 1200mm Round Diffused

P01082105 Sword® RGBW 1500mm Round Diffused


P01094105 Sword® RGBW 300mm Flat Diffused

P01095105 Sword® RGBW 600mm Flat Diffused

P01096105 Sword® RGBW 900mm Flat Diffused

P01097105 Sword® RGBW 1200mm Flat Diffused

P01098105 Sword® RGBW 1500mm Flat Diffused

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Marketing Materials

Sword Series Brochure.pdf
Sword RGBW Series High Photos.rar

Technical Documents

RDM Addressing.pdf
Sword RGBW Series Specification Sheet V2.3.pdf
Sword Series Installation Guide V2.0.pdf

CAD Files

Sword Series Installation Guide V2.0.pdf
Sword RGBW Series Round Diffused Cad File.dwg
Sword RGBW Series Direct View Cad File.dwg
Sword RGBW Series Flat Diffused Cad File.dwg

Technical Drawing

Sword RGBW Series Direct View Technical Drawing.pdf
Sword RGBW Series Radius Diffused Technical Drawing.pdf
Sword RGBW Series Round Diffused Technical Drawing.pdf


Photobiological Measurment IEC 62471 Test Report.pdf
Sword RGBW Series Direct View IES LM_79_08 Photometric Measurement Report.pdf
Sword RGBW Series Flat Diffused IES LM_79_08 Photometric Measurement Report.pdf
Sword RGBW Series Radius Diffused IES LM_79_08 Photometric Measurement Report.pdf
Sword RGBW Series Round Diffused IES LM_79_08 Photometric Measurement Report.pdf
Sword Series CE Attestation of Conformity.pdf
Sword Series CE Declaration of Conformity.pdf
Sword Series EN 55024_A1_ 2016, EN 55032_AC_2016 Test Report.pdf
Sword Series EN 60529_1991_AC_1993 Test Report.pdf
Sword Series EN 60598-1_2014, AMD1_2017, EN 60598-2-3_2002, AMD1_2011 Test Report.pdf
Sword Series EN 60950-1 Test Report.pdf
Sword Series EN 62031 Test Report.pdf
Sword Series EN 62262_2002 Test Report.pdf


Sword Series ASTM B117-D610-D714-D1654 Salt Sprey Test Report.pdf
Sword Series EN 60068-2-6_ 2013-04 Vibration Test Report.pdf
Sword Series Temperature Test Report.pdf
Sword Series Verification and Reliability Report.pdf

IES / LTD Files

Sword RGBW Series IES Files.rar
Sword RGBW Series LDT Files.rar

Warranty & Safety Instructions

Safety Instruction in Multi Language.pdf

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