Komurhan Bridge

Project Name:       Komurhan Bridge

Category:                   Architectural Lighting

Client:                         Dogus& Gulsan Joint Venture

Architect:                     Consultancy and Supervision Services: Yuksel Proje

Lighting Designer:      Hera LED Design Team

Location:                    Elazıg - Malatya / Turkey

Date:                          2021

Installer:                     Hera LED



HeraLED proudly presents Komurhan Bridge dynamic bridge lighting.

We created a new atmosphere with the dynamic facade lighting fixtures to the magnificent natural beauty of the region to provide breathtaking illumination.

We have created wonders with our new product Predator®. We used only 10 luminaires to illuminate perfectly the 180-meter pylon with the incredible light power of Predator®. We owe the that much light power with homogeneity to use our 3° lenses and to benefit from the "Power Boost" feature of Predator®.

We used also Sword® RGB Series on the side walls of the Bridge and Leoline® RGBW M6 Series on the pylon and steel ropes. Based on this, it provides a homogeneous lighting to the passengers and offers a visual feast to around. We can dynamically control all lighting fixtures remotely from anywhere with the Madrix® hardwares and our own RDM technology. Our these lighting fixtures are compatible with the amazing RDM monitoring feature, which enables remote monitoring by checking the system, relaying product information and reporting possible malfunctions and failure warning signals, via email. RDM Monitoring technology includes exclusive features, such as Voltage, Temperature, Status, Power Cycle, Life Cycle Monitoring.

Taking advantage of the our "Power Boost" feature of the Leoline® M6 series, the pylon is illuminated homogeneously from 180 meters away, with 3°,10° and 30° lens options. İn addition, we have ensured the safe operation of the products for years with the IP67 protection class against outdoor conditions.

The project includes the construction of a 4 vehicle-passed double tube tunnel with a total length of 4,820 m and a bridge connection tunnel with 4 trusses and the road. Komurhan Bridge, which ranks 4th in the world in terms of its middle span in the single pylon category, has become a crossing point for 16 provinces of Eastern Anatolia.

“Komurhan Bridge Connection Tunnel and Road” Project has an important place in terms of logistics. With the completion of this bridge, which is in the "special technological bridge" class, the route between Malatya and Elazig has been shortened considerably. On the other hand, it will contribute to the development of the region and the country by connecting tourism and trade centers. The Komurhan Bridge was built with %100 domestic and national resources, from design to construction, is one of the symbols Turkey’s power and capabilities in the field of engineering.



HERA LED - SWORD® RGB Series Radius Diffused        132 pcs.

HERA LED - Leoline M6 RGB 615mm                   180 pcs.

HERA LED - Power Pack 500                            8 pcs.

HERA LED - Power Pack 1000                          10 pcs.

MADRIX Stella                                      10 pcs.

MADRİX 5 License Professional                          1 pcs.