Rize Artvin Airport

Project Name:       Rize – Artvin Airport

Category:                   Architectural Lighting

Client:              Cengiz İnşaat ve ASL İnşaat

Architect:                   YYK Mimarlık

Lighting Designer:      Hera LED Design Team

Location:                    Rize / Turkey

Date:                          2021

Installer:                     Hera LED

Are you ready to meet the new symbol of the Black Sea?

Rize – Artvin Airport

We are proud to realize the facade lighting of the iconic tea glass-shaped air traffic control tower of Rize - Artvin Airport, one of the four airports in the world, all built on the sea.

Rize-Artvin Airport hosts an excellent architecture, which is designed by the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure on an area of ​​1000 hectares, is Turkey's second airport built on the sea fill, with its stone-wood mixed regional architecture terminal buildings, a tea leaf-shaped entrance ornament and a tea glass-shaped air traffic control tower.

As HeraLED, we inspired by the history and traditions of the eastern Black Sea region, used local colors and animations suitable for this unique architecture, and put our signature under a perfect facade lighting. By taking advantage of our one-of-a-kind new product, Chronopix, we added a new dimension to the architecture of the iconic tea glass design air traffic control tower. Since we can use the color of the case whatever we want in Chronopix, we associate our product with the color of the material used in the construction of the tower, making the tower sparkle at night, and integrating our product with the building in order not to get in the way of the architecture during the day. We continue the magnificent light show every night with different colors and animations that are unique to the region also suitable for tea glass design.

With the genuine architecture of the tower and the unique Chronopix, the Black Sea now has a brand new look. Come and watch this light feast closely!


Hera LED - Leoline M6 1515mm RGBW Narrow Beam 8° – 19pcs

Hera LED - Chronopix RGBW pixel pitch 2mt – 2478pcs

Hera LED - Sword RGBW 1515mm Radius Diffused – 36pcs