Power Pack Series

The Power Pack Series is produced in a unified box type to prevent complex combinations of power and data cables and ensure an easy assembly structure.The Power Pack series sends a DMX signal to the output using Test mode. This allows you to setup easily without the need for auxiliary devices such as PC, DMX Universe, pixel mapping, etc. All Hera products operating at 48V are fed from the Power Pack Series. Available in 4 types according to power; 320, 500, 1000, 2000. Device Status, Power Output Status, Fuse Fail Status, Data Output Status, Data Off Status, Device Test Output Status indicators allow you to observe the device from outside.Power Pack 320 and Power Pack 500 can be installed as wall mount type orvia DIN Rail apparatus in panel applications. Power Pack 1000 and Power Pack 2000 are possible to be installed as rack mount or wall mount through their 19" 2U dimensions.

DMX / RDM LED Drivers

These drivers support DMX / RDM protocols are ergonomics with constant voltage and constant current models.

DMX Splitter Series

Splitter is used for keeping the data uncorrupted and accurate while transmitting data over long-haul or working with various DMX signals simultaneously.